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Muji Fountain Pen Box

  This was my first time attending the SF Pen Show. Also, it was my first Pen Show. Something in particular that got my attention was the beautiful Toyooka Craft fountain pen storage boxes. I'm not ready to spend that much on a storage solution for my pens yet, so I decided to try and find a cheaper way to store them.   A few weeks ago, I was in Portland and went to Muji. I found an Acrylic Storage box with the perfect size to store pens but no internal separation to keep the pens in a specific place. I thought it wouldn't be difficult to DIY a tray, so I got a box. (I can't find the box online, but this is the label.)  During the weekend, I started to search for pen trays or ways to make pen trays, and lucky me, someone had already solved my problem. MrNewt published a 3D file to print trays that specifically fit the Muji Box. The file can be found here  Muji box - fountain pen tray divider by mrNewt - Thingiverse . I had to spend a while tinkering with my 3D printer becau

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