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How-To: Tea Canister Pinhole Camera

     Pinhole photography can be rewarding or frustrating depending on how the camera is designed. Even though all cameras are a box with a hole, the size and distance of that tiny hole can make or break a pinhole photograph.   In this article, I'll show how to use Mr. Pinhole website to design a Pinhole camera using a tea canister.  *If you haven't use Mr. Pinhole before, or this is your first time making a pinhole camera check How-To: Pinhole basics  first.  Tea Canister Step1: Measure the focal length      we need to measure the distance from where you plan to put the film/paper to the opposite side where the pinhole is installed. We are going to call this measurement focal length.   Canister 1- Focal length: 46mm Step 2: Calculate pinhole size      Now we will calculate the size of the pinhole we need to install to get the best exposure using  Pinhole Size Calculator ( This is the information we get: We use all measurements in mm to stay accurate Focal Lenght

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