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Dye Sublimation Emulsion Lift

  Photograph and emulsion lift by Karin Lizana      It's no surprise to people who know me that I love to experiment with alternative photographic processes. Still, sometimes I struggle with the fact some materials are getting harder to get and are becoming expensive.       I had totally forgotten I didn't discover this process. I found Dass products while taking an experimental photographic process class in college. When I took that class, we didn't have Polaroid film like today. The only one available was the Impossible Project, but it was hard to find and expensive, so we learned how to make lifts using the Dass transfer kit. I was browsing Dass's website when I saw a video that explains the dye sublimation lift process from start to finish.     The only printer currently on the market that makes dye-sublimation prints is the Canon Selphy series. As of today, a pack of 108 4x6 sheets costs $35, which makes each lift $0.35 compared to $2.5 for each Polaroid lift. Anot

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