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Emulating Rineke Dijkstra's Lighting

Last week I was studying different lighting techniques from different artists. The one that I really liked is the lighting used in Rineke Dijkstra Beach Portrait Series.

 If you are not familiarized with her work, check it out here: Rineke Dijkstra Beach Portraits (SAATCHI Gallery)

The mayority source of light used in her photos is natural light. Most of them look like they were taken on a cloudy day, which is perfect because the light is soft and even. The look I was hoping to achieve is a little bit more bright because the light in California is really hard (Summer over here!).
My first 2 subjects were very easy to photograph. They are really small (20 cm tall), even with a lot of hard sunlight the speedlight was enough to bright them up, to get a well balance light in the photograph. By looking at the shadows, you can tell that the sunlight it's brighter than the speedlight (you can see a very hard shadow in the left). I love the overall result, it's not to bright and the e…

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