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Building My Dream Camera

       A box with a hole. That's it, every single camera is a box with a hole.     Some cameras are more sophisticated than others, but the only thing you need to make a photograph is a box with a hole and some photosensitive material.      I've been a little bit obsessed with panoramic cameras. Still, most panoramic film cameras are expensive and hard to find, so I decided to move into another direction and see if I could find a good pinhole panoramic camera.   I have a Holga wide panoramic and an Ondu multiformat. Both cameras create a 6x12mm negative, but both produce vignetting. The only way to get a panoramic negative without vignetting on a pinhole camera is when the film plane is curved.      In a curved film plane, every point on the plane is at the same distance to the pinhole. The light travels the same distance to each point, creating a seamless image without a vignette. There are a few curved pinhole panoramic cameras, but

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