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How I rescued a Yashica 44 LM from being a bookshelf camera

 The shutter isn't working.      I knew this could be an issue because the price I paid for it was half the amount for the same camera from other vendors. This camera came from a state sale, and since it had the original leather case, I thought I might be lucky enough to get it in working condition. Still, I wasn't.     The self-timer was activated, and it probably jammed the shutter mechanism. It seems if the M/X lever is in the M position and you activate the self-timer you'll damage the shutter mechanism . After an initial inspection, I realized that this is precisely what had happened. Somebody tried to make it work only to break it.       I identified the problem and was ready to open the camera, but the front cover only comes out if the self-timer lever is off. Since the lever was stuck, I had 2 choices, keep trying to move it and risk damaging the mechanism even more, or get rid of the self-timer forever. I picked the second choice and cut it using the Dremel. Once o

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